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Know what's really nice? Just sitting here and feeling randomly happy out of nowhere.

Going off of the pill was so worth it, chub and all.
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Some pchat doodles.  :B SPN and WoW.
some fail under the cut hurhuuur )

Art Poast

Aug. 4th, 2010 03:17 am
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 Ffff since fucking PB isn't working, here's a link to my dA.
:|  Really don't like posting things this way but, BOOOO, no choice.

In other news, I saw Inception again today with mah Aibou, and it was just as awesome as it was the first three times.  :B  Every time I watch it I notice more and more how much of a douche Arthur is.  And I fucking love it.  Seriously, he's pretty much a giant dick.  <33  Why do I love characters like that?  8'D

Mmmm what else, what else...  I made cookies today with Aibou and they're pretty amazing.  Gonna go eat one before I go to sleep, as a matter of fact.

Boohiss, I'm pretty tired.  Gonna be SO BEHIND ON MY FLIST TOMORROW FUCK.
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I think I must be getting better.

Going through the XigDem stuff on dA because I'm playing days and planning AB and it's all putting me in a huge XigDem kind of mood...  And Every time I see my own stuff on the search page I remember what I was doing while I was drawing it, and it doesn't make me sad anymore.  It's actually making me happy.


:>  Maybe I'll try to draw a bit tomorrow.

Need iconage.  Iconage has arrived.
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I have determined, after watching the new snake go about his business, that Orion doesn't suit him at all.

So henceforth he shall be REGULUS.  I never do that, but it was just so unfitting and it was driving me insane.  So yes.  New snake = Regulus.
I wish I knew how to do the big scrolling blinky text, but alas I do not.

In other news...  My Gdor tie and shirt came today!  :D So naturally I had to throw everything on and nerd it up.  The only thing I didn't do was the stubble and the tattoo.  8'D;;  'Cause my skin's doing pretty well right now and gluing pepper to my chin seems like a baaaad idea. 
pics or it didn't happen. )

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So Paranormal Activity is the most terrifying movie I've ever seen in my entire life.  Just sayin'.
Like... I'm not scared by movies.  Ever.  Like, never ever.  I screamed like a little bitch oh my god.  SO GOOD.

Aaand according to my email it comes out everywhere this Friday, so I am totally dragging my parents to see it with me.  And possibly Jenjen because she wants to see it too.

Good fucking movie.

Yeah.  So fun times.

=____= I'm so sleepy but I really wanna sit in bed and play Days and be all comfy.  Found another book I can use for my lesson on Wednesday, and since the high school is closed for teacher's workshop stuff I have all day tomorrow to do it.  'Cause geosci dude definitely canceled class too.  Niiice.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done...  I really just wanna sleep in. >_>;

D: I feel a little strange, I hope I'm not getting sick again... *cry* That would be terrible, I have so much stuff to do....

AHH and I need to get my ass moving for my costume...  So close and yet so far...

I think I just need some rest.  And to stop pmsing because it's made of fail.
It's Days time.  Wow I just got really D: D: D: out of nowhere.  Wtf.
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Holy shit patch tomorrow.  I don't know if I'm excited or worried about this.

Oh dear.

(And on a real life note:  I printed about a hundred pages of info for the term paper while at the school today.  REVENGE.  I'll waste their ink, not mine. :B )


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