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Aug. 4th, 2010 03:17 am
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 Ffff since fucking PB isn't working, here's a link to my dA.
:|  Really don't like posting things this way but, BOOOO, no choice.

In other news, I saw Inception again today with mah Aibou, and it was just as awesome as it was the first three times.  :B  Every time I watch it I notice more and more how much of a douche Arthur is.  And I fucking love it.  Seriously, he's pretty much a giant dick.  <33  Why do I love characters like that?  8'D

Mmmm what else, what else...  I made cookies today with Aibou and they're pretty amazing.  Gonna go eat one before I go to sleep, as a matter of fact.

Boohiss, I'm pretty tired.  Gonna be SO BEHIND ON MY FLIST TOMORROW FUCK.
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So Paranormal Activity is the most terrifying movie I've ever seen in my entire life.  Just sayin'.
Like... I'm not scared by movies.  Ever.  Like, never ever.  I screamed like a little bitch oh my god.  SO GOOD.

Aaand according to my email it comes out everywhere this Friday, so I am totally dragging my parents to see it with me.  And possibly Jenjen because she wants to see it too.

Good fucking movie.

Yeah.  So fun times.

=____= I'm so sleepy but I really wanna sit in bed and play Days and be all comfy.  Found another book I can use for my lesson on Wednesday, and since the high school is closed for teacher's workshop stuff I have all day tomorrow to do it.  'Cause geosci dude definitely canceled class too.  Niiice.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done...  I really just wanna sleep in. >_>;

D: I feel a little strange, I hope I'm not getting sick again... *cry* That would be terrible, I have so much stuff to do....

AHH and I need to get my ass moving for my costume...  So close and yet so far...

I think I just need some rest.  And to stop pmsing because it's made of fail.
It's Days time.  Wow I just got really D: D: D: out of nowhere.  Wtf.
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So I'm flying to UC, I have time to make an update.

Been to all of my classes except one, abnormal psych, because it's on Mondays only.  Theories of Personality is looking like it's gonna be pretty interesting, I read what I needed to read (Freud lol) and it was actually not boring (!) so that's pretty awesome.
Totally did all of my work, so now I can just chill tomorrow and play WoW and see Mall Cop with my mom and 85 year old aunt. :D 

OH.  And the Joker figure my mom pre-ordered for me for my birthday FINALLY came in. <3  It's not the Hot Toys one, because I really don't like it, it's the DC direct one and I love him. >w<  So pretty and creepy.

Aaaand I got the fucking expansion.  So currently cruising around on my crazy fast screaming horse.  Male Undead DK ftw, he's so sexy. ;D

...All of the male characters in WoW have the hottest voices, it's a little awkward, actually.  But whatever, I love him. :B  So fun.... With the exception of one quest, that quest sucked ass.  :B

My back huuuurts.  And it's so late... But I wanna play.  D:> 

Cosplay-wise...  I got my wig for Tony, fixed it up a little bit... Still don't have a really good suit though.  DX I found a PERFECT three piece blue pinstripe suit at salvation army.... But it was too damn big.  Ugh.

...My eyebrow is itchy.


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