Aug. 13th, 2010 03:51 am
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So I have one, have for about a week.  Aaaand I just realized that I don't think I've mentioned it here yet.  SO NOW I AM.


Fff fuck, I shoulda added the stupidly funny kung-fu!Chogan that happened during Sindy tonight. TOMORROW. Because it's almost 4am and I need to be alive tomorrow.
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It's a lame one, because I am just not creative at all today.

Mix of stuff today.. )
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Going through my screencap folder. I really really REALLY like this one.
I dunno, I just really like how it came out. )
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I have determined, after watching the new snake go about his business, that Orion doesn't suit him at all.

So henceforth he shall be REGULUS.  I never do that, but it was just so unfitting and it was driving me insane.  So yes.  New snake = Regulus.
I wish I knew how to do the big scrolling blinky text, but alas I do not.

In other news...  My Gdor tie and shirt came today!  :D So naturally I had to throw everything on and nerd it up.  The only thing I didn't do was the stubble and the tattoo.  8'D;;  'Cause my skin's doing pretty well right now and gluing pepper to my chin seems like a baaaad idea. 
pics or it didn't happen. )

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Lol so...
I was waiting for my guildies to find a healer for H UP, and figured I might as well be lame and fish in the sewers for the rat.

On my 10th cast or so, I fish up the fucking rat.
So that's two turtle mounts, TWO sprite darter hatchlings (one on Cho, one on Az, randomly killing them for quests) and a fucking rat.

...But after two months of cooking daily EVERY DAY I still don't have cake recipe.

wtf RNG.  wtf.
I lol'd.
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OMFG.  Best day for Az EVER.
omg omg omg & some nerdiness )
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LOL WIN.  His face is fantastic.  If this wasn't such a pain in my ass I'd totally try to do it on Az...  But as of now Cho is my fun stuff bitch. :B
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:D Ran reg CoS tonight.

Makes up for me not getting my book today, because omfg daddygasm hardcore.  His voice omg.


But yeah, more importantly, I did 2.1k dps on Mal Ganis :D :D Yeah I know fail, but that was my first 80 instance. <3

holy shit so much fun.

lskjfljfdlakjdsa daddy.


Apr. 17th, 2009 04:44 pm
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I love it right now.  For srs.
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My patch pros :

+ 30 minute hearthstone is happy times.  :D
+ mega mammoth meal will ACTUALLY skill me up now.  Thank you for that. :D 
+ Exorcism C8< 
+ Free respec (because I wanted to try out frost anyway)
+ People from /2 being helpful.  For srs, that guy is awesome.

And the QQ:

- Carbonite crapping out on me and making me really stressed and pissed, because I don't wanna go back to doing it the old fashioned way
- DK nerfs.  Because I wasn't shitty enough at PvP to begin with...
- Everything being buggy
- Fucking Koltira being invisible for a while.  No really, that made me very sad.
- The wait was long.  D: Moar story during loading waits plz, that was a good idea.

In other news that matters, I got a new iPod today. :>   Because mine kept freezing on me in the car at the worst times...
:D So now I has a little yellow Nano. <3

Can't read computer text anymore must sleep.
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Holy shit patch tomorrow.  I don't know if I'm excited or worried about this.

Oh dear.

(And on a real life note:  I printed about a hundred pages of info for the term paper while at the school today.  REVENGE.  I'll waste their ink, not mine. :B )
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  omg I lol'd so hard.  I love you WoW.

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From pally forums:

Rock: "We're sub-standard DPS. Nerf Paper, Scissors are fine."
Paper: "OMG, WTF, Scissors!"
Scissors: "Rock is OP and Paper are QQers. We need buffs."

I just lol'd so hard.
Oh my god.
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Couldn't help myself.  *points to icon*

You know they're hot.
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So I made a pally.  And I love him.

It's mad lonely as an 80 with nowhere to go, so I figured I'd wait for everyone else to catch up...
;___; I miss playing on Cho, but....


I know everyone is mad sick of me talking about WoW, but like..  That's all there is to talk about, I spent my break sitting on my ass WoWing and reading.  Not my fault that people asked me to hang out on the days I had family stuff to do.
Ugh.  Now class is starting again... Two hour commute every day, woo!

D: So awesome, by the end of the week I'm just so sick of driving back and forth I don't even wanna leave the house.

lololol went of on about 30 tangents just now.

rofl rofl this entry has been sitting here for about three hours now, I forgot to post it. :B
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I wish my head didn't hurt so much. 


OMFG 80.  Yes, that's the most significant thing going for me right now. 
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I love how the time change definitely robbed me on ONE HOUR of my spring break.  Not cool.

And in happy times news, Cho is 79.  One more.  8D 8D 8D 
<33 Very excite!  *definitely never had 60 when 60 was max OR 70 when 70 was max*  C8

Also made a Draenei (yeah I know, ally wtf) and I love her.  Her little Russian accent is too cute.

I'm tired.
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We are so awesome.LOFUCKINGL )


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