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A-Side // Cock it and Pull it
Do You Want To // Franz Ferdinand
Here we are at the transmission party
I love your friends
They're all so arty
Oh yeah
When I woke up tonight
I said I'm gonna make somebody love me
I'm Gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You're Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky

Everybody Loves Me // One Republic
Oh my!
Feels just like I don't try
Looks so good i might die
All i know is everybody loves me
Get down,
Swaying to my own sound
Flashes in my face now
All i know is everybody loves me
Everybody loves me
Sugar We're Going Down // Fall Out Boy
We're going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, were going down swinging
I'll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded gun complex, cock it and pull it

Darling Nikki // Foo Fighters
The castle started spinning
Or maybe it was my brain
I can't tell you what she did to me
But my body will never be the same
Her lovin' will kick your behind
Oh, she'll show you no mercy
But she'll sho'nuff sho'nuff show you how to grind
I've Been Everywhere // Johnny Cash
He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand.
And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!"
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert's bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
I've been to:
Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota,
Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota,
Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma,
Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma,
Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo,
Tocapillo, Baranquilla, and Perdilla, I'm a killer.

Days Like These // Asia
It's either easy
Or it's impossible
And if you ain't got it
You ain't never gonna get it
But once you find it
You gotta grab it
Reach down your own throat
And yank it to the surface
That may be brutal
May be gory
But whatever else it is
It's my story
And I believe it
Yeah, I can see it
I sing it out, shout it out
Gimme death or glory
Citizen Soldier // 3 Doors Down
Hope and pray, that you never need me.
But rest assured I will not let you down.
I walk beside you, but you may not see me.
The strongest among you may not wear a crown.
On the day when you need your brothers and sisters to care.
I'll be right here.
On that day when you don't have strength for the burden you bear.
I'll be right here.

Turn Up the Radio // Autograph
Day in, day out, all week long
Things go better with rock
The only time I turn it down
Is when I'm sleepin' it off
Turn up the radio
I need the music, gimme some more
Turn up the tape machine
I wanna feel it and you know what I mean

Brahman // Shoji Meguro

B- Side // Loaded Gun Complex
6 Gun Quota // Seether
I find it hard to live with all my choices
It's time to turn a deaf ear to those voices
Did you ever think to ask my opinion
Did you ever think to ask if i'm ok?
I've burned down every bridge that i've found
Now i limit myself to a six gun quota
I've played down every feelin' i've felt
And i bottled them up 'til the well ran over
Epiphany // Staind
'Cause I can't take anymore of this,
I wanna come apart,
or dig myself a little hole
Inside your precious heart
'Cause it's always raining in my head
Forget all the things I should have said
I am nothing more than
A little boy inside
That cries out for attention,
yet I always try to hide
Paint Hell Red // Angelspit
Beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (pretty cannibal girl)
wake Shieva, I’m gunna Paint Hell Red (little miss vex girl)
beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (night working blade girl)
raise Hades, I’m gunna Paint Hell Red (razor lolly-pop girl)
and the cat said…
a slut is she, who eats the flesh
drinks the blood, kaka in bed
her play thing, soiled mess
come on puppy, Let’s play dead

Overture/Going Through The Motions // Sarah Michelle Gellar
I've been making shows of trading blows,
Just hoping no one knows that I've been going through the motions,
Walking through the part
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart
I was always brave and kind of righteous,
Now I find I'm waviering
You crawl out of your grave,
You find this fight just doesn't mean a thing
I Would Hurt A Fly // Built to Spill
let you go to sleep
feeling bad as me
let you go to sleep
feeling bad
there's a mean bone in my body
it's connected to the problems that I won't take for an answer
and I won't take that from you
because I'd hurt a fly
The Noose // A Perfect Circle
Recall the deeds as if they're all
Someone else's
Atrocious stories
Now you stand reborn
Before us all
So glad to see you well
And not to pull your halo down
Around your neck and tug you to the ground
But I'm more than just a little curious
How you're plannin' to go about makin' your amends
The View // Modest Mouse
As life gets longer, awful feels softer.
Well it feels pretty soft to me.
And if it takes shit to make bliss,
well I feel pretty blissfully.
Engel // Rammstein
God knows I don't want to be an angel
They live behind the sunshine
separated from us, infinite expanse
they must cling to the stars (very tightly)
so they won't fall from the sky

Atonement // Shoji Meguro


Oct. 5th, 2010 06:40 pm
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1  Control - Metro Station
2  Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
3  Bad Romance  - Lady Gaga
4  A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
5  Sara Perche Ti Amo - Eu4ya
6  I'm All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
7 Through With You - Maroon 5
8  Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
9  Don't Cry Out - Shiny Toy Guns
10  Miserable - LIT
11  Wise Up - Aimee Mann
12  In Pieces - Linkin Park
13  155 - +44
14  Head On Collision - New Found Glory
15  Schism - Tool
16  Everytime I Die - BESEECH
17  Wake Up - Three Days Grace
18  Ender - Finch
19  Mess I Made - Parachute
 20 The Scientist

Control - Metro Station

Another cigarette, and I'm so bored
Your words aren't making sense
And I was taken, but you were waiting
One more drink and I'm convinced
Not one more sound
Let your hair down
Take the low road
No one will know

Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Well they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
I want you drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
Love love love
I want your love
You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want it bad
A bad romance

A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Sara Perche Ti Amo - Eu4ya [Italian]
what a mess
it's cause i love you
its an emotion
which grows more and more
hug me and come closer
if i feel good
it's cause i love you

I'm All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
My hands are shaky and my knees are weak
I can't seem to stand on my own two feet
Who do you thank when you have such luck?
Im in love
Im all shook up
Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

Through With You - Maroon 5
And I don't trust you
Cause every time you're here
Your intentions are unclear
I spend every hour waiting for a phone call
That I know will never come
I used to think you were the one
Now I'm sick of thinking anything at all

Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
Baby, if I made you mad
For something I might have said,
Please, lets forget the past,
The future looks bright ahead,
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
I don't want no other love,
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.

Don't Cry Out - Shiny Toy Guns
I was pretending
Your secret kiss of confidence
Was my escape
The perfect game to play...
Don't Cry Out
Cease Fire
Ten nine eight and I'm breaking away
I'm all dressed up and I'm ready to play
Seven six five four and I'm all over you
Counting three two one and I'm having fun...
Your fascination...
With naked walls of silk and skin
With no conditions
I needed you to notice...
That's all I wanted

Miserable - LIT
You make me come
You make me complete
You make me completely miserable

Wise Up - Aimee Mann
It's not
What you thought
When you first began it
You got
What you want
Now you can hardly stand it though,
By now you know
It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
'Til you wise up

In Pieces - Linkin Park
Telling me to go
But hands beg me to stay
Your lips say that you love
Your eyes say that you hate
There's truth in your lies
Doubt in your faith
What you build you lay to waste

155 - +44
Love. This is getting harder,
And I can't seem to pick you out of the crowd.
But you, my dear, have been discoverd a liar.
And I'm afraid that this is building up for far too long.

Head On Collision - New Found Glory
I've been waiting for a good day
I've been holding back long enough
I've been hurting to tell you some things
it's not the falling of the temperature
that's making all our bones run cold
it's the breeze you make
the presence felt when you're around me
and it feels like I'm at an all-time low
slightly bruised and broken
from our head on collision

Schism - Tool
I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall away
Mildewed and smoldering. Fundamental differing.
Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
Disintegrating as it goes testing our communication
The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us
We cannot seem to reach an end crippling our communication.

Every Time I Die - Beseech
Another day in solitude,
this isn't how I want my life to be
a growing seed of despair
please leave me be

Wake Up - Three Days Grace
Wake up I’m pounding on the door
I’m not the man I was before
Where the hell are you
When I need you
Wake up I’m pounding on the door
I won’t hurt you anymore
Where the hell are you
When I need you

Ender - Finch
Here I am beside myself again
I'm torn apart by words that you have said
and all in all, I know we're falling apart
Where did you run to so far away?
And here we are to sing you a song
And there you are, asleep against the window pane
Just like always
You said you like to hear the rain sometimes
And all I can do is tell you the truth
and Oh, my eyes will tell you the same

Mess I Made - Parachute
Should've kissed you there
I should've held your face
I should've watched those eyes
Instead of run in place
I should've called you out
I should've said your name
I should've turned around
I should've looked again
But oh, I'm staring at the mess I made
I 'm staring at the mess I made
I 'm staring at the mess I made
As you turn, you take your heart and walk away

The Scientist - Coldplay
Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
Oh, let's go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart
Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start
I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

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Don't shun me, guys.  I'm a big fucking nerd.

'S my Buffy/Spike fanmix brainchild that's been stewing for a pretty long ass time.  WITH (noobish!) GRAPHICS AND EVERYTHING.  ...Everything that isn't individual links to the songs, because I do NOT have the patience for that.

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Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I want to fucking tear you apart

Enemy - Eve 6
Can't get this shit off my mind
I just want to be alright
So just tell me nothing's wrong
Then get undressed and spend the night

She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls
Tap on my window knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful

Kiss With A Fist - Florence + the Machine
Love sticks
Sweat drips
Break the lock if it don't fit
A kick to the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better then none

Stinkfist - Tool
Desensitized to everything.
What became of subtlety?
How can this mean anything to me?
If I really don't feel anything at all?
I'll keep digging
Till I feel something.

FMLYHM - Seether
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up, tear it down)
Dig it up and whore me out
Fuck me like you hate me
(dig it up and tear it down)
I love the sound when you come undone

Stitches - Orgy
Tying yourself to me
Stitch up my emptiness
'Cause you're the death of me

Howl - Florence + the Machine
Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out
The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'ed ground
Like some child possessed, the beast howls in my veins
I want to find you, tear out all of your tenderness

Undisclosed Desires - Muse
You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Get up, get out, get away from these liars
'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire
Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time

Breathe - Angels and Airwaves
I've got a lot to say, if you will let me
It's always hard, when you're around me
But here right now, there's interest in your eyes
So hear me out, and hear this the first time

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