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Fucking amazing, I totally just lucked into them. Now I just need to fix the collar of the shirt and get my beads and I am DONE SON. WITH LIKE A WEEK TO SPARE FUCK YES.

Also, I won like $200 at bingo today! I now have enough money to finish paying for the ranch and buy my beads. And the $10 parking to get the beads. 8'D;;;

Chillin with fronds tonight at the BWW after having dinner with my parents and my niece who is here for a few days.  

Today is not awful at all.  C8

Looking more and more forward to Otakon as it gets closer, it's gonna be epic oh man.  Can't wait to do the adult con thing.
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So I've been playing KH: Days, and omg Xigbar and Demyx love x 1000000.

I DID get enough funding for Christmas to go to AB2010, so joy!   Gonna go as both Xigbar AND Demyx this time. :D :D  I have everything I need for Xigbar (except clipy!hair and maybe the contacts, I may or may not settle for the ones that I have...) and I got the mats to make my plushie!Sitar today.   AND MAH WIG OMG.

Dude the wig actually fits my head!!! Wtf awesome.  Got a discount on it, too, even though I have no idea why.

BUT YES.  Wig picspam, because a) I like how it came out (?!?!) and b) I had way more fun playing with photo booth on the mac than I had a right to.  :B
Lots o pics under thus hur cut )

...Yeeeah photobooth is pretty much the best ever.  I 'm definitely gonna pick 3 and stuck them up on dA as like an actual print club looking thing.

...Goddammit I wish I still had the screen of XOLGBIRR MY HAIR IS TALLLLLLLL from that day in PChat...  That shit was so funny omfg.

Yeah.  That's it for now, I think.  I really wanna try to draw at some point but I have a feeling gaming (either WoW or Days) is gonna get in the way.  Also I have a wicked headache from the massive amount of hairspray I inhaled....

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I have determined, after watching the new snake go about his business, that Orion doesn't suit him at all.

So henceforth he shall be REGULUS.  I never do that, but it was just so unfitting and it was driving me insane.  So yes.  New snake = Regulus.
I wish I knew how to do the big scrolling blinky text, but alas I do not.

In other news...  My Gdor tie and shirt came today!  :D So naturally I had to throw everything on and nerd it up.  The only thing I didn't do was the stubble and the tattoo.  8'D;;  'Cause my skin's doing pretty well right now and gluing pepper to my chin seems like a baaaad idea. 
pics or it didn't happen. )

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NYCC was fun. :D

Class on Thursday was long as hell, but I enjoyed a delicious amp while doodling Pocahontas and other random things on my notes while listening about Native Americans, and that made it okay.  Also I got an A on my response paper, which is a relief because it means I 'm doing it right.  Easiest assignment EVER.

After class I had to run to walgreens because I forgot my rice krispies. :B  Aibou wasn't there though, sad times.
Aaand then I went to Roxy's, and had food and watched Hell's Kitchen with his dad.  I love that goddamn show, it's so funny.  Awesome happened in WoW (lol gnomes) and the Horde won AV so that was awesome.  Lol because we totally don't ALWAYS win AV.

Yeah.  So then we went to sleep.  Friday morning we got up and got ready and shit and I was freaking out because I left my wig cap at home too, and there's a certain kind I have to use on my tiny head, because normal caps just slide right off.  Lolololol and then I went outside to get something and found not one, but TWO parking tickets on my car.  Because apparently I parked in front of a fire hydrant (which I didn't know what there because Roxy's street has no lights) and I was parked facing the wrong way (which I did know, but have never had an issue with before).  Yeah.  One of the neighbors called the cops we think, because of my Pa. plates.  D:<  But I called my dad and told him and he actually didn't yell at me.  I think he felt bad for being an ass the other day.  Still, parking tickets.  Ugh.

Sooo we finished getting ready (I was Batgirl and Roxy wore his Sisen outfit) and ran over to Sandy's.  Sandy is awesome and had a wig cap that I could use so I dicked around with my (hideous) wig and mask.  The mask didn't wanna stay on at first, so I was like D8<ing, but I got it so that was all good.  We stopped at BK on the way and then off to the city with us.  GPS...s don't like the Lincoln tunnel, apparently, so we had to go into the Holland tunnel, and then fuckery happened because NYC cops are fucking douchebags.  And then we had a bunch of dudes, like six or seven, circling the car and being really scary and vulgar and rape..ish.  Funny how the cops didn't harass them.  :|  Fucking bunch of creepers........

Yeah.  So we got to the con, and got mauled for pictures every five steps.  I found the booth that had the really adorable USB drives, which is like the only thing I wanted to buy. :D  So I looked around and it took me like 80 years to pick one.  They're so fucking cute, they have all different kinds, even tokidoki and fucking happy tree friends.  I ended up getting a little Luke Skywalker one, because it was way too adorable to not get him.  It's from the end of IV where he's blowing up the Death Star, with the orange suit on, and the cap is a helmet.  SO fucking cute.  4GB for $35, not bad at all.  I can keep all of my important music and files on him no problem.  AND he has a little hoodie.  It's a little ass because I can't get the cap off, but the little paper that came with him said that's normal, and once I get it off it won't be stuck like that anymore.  So hopefully my dad can get it off for me.  :B  So cute.  And more of an OMG WANT than a need, I finally got the WoW comic, so I gotta get on that. :B 

OH OH.  And there were TWO Nightwings.  <33 D: No Janet!Dick though, which was very sad because she was so cute. D:> 

Roxy saw the Pawstar people walking around, and it turns out they DID have a booth, so we went and talked to them for a little bit.  they had fluffies and  I want them.  :B  And then... The dealer's room closed.  Probably forgetting things, but I'm really tired.

We had some time to kill because we got lost trying to find the Twilight Zone thing, and while I was dicking around we met up with [ profile] blind_mag and her sister (whose LJ I don't know and therefore can't link D8>  Sorry man) and their friends and we chilled with them in the (closed and dark) food court.  It was fun times.  

Aaaaaand then we went home.  Longest trip EVER, because we were all tired and hungry and COLD AS HELL.  FINALLY got back to Roxy's around like.... 1AM.  And then bliss, because his mom is fucking awesome and had noodles and crackers and FUCKING MOTT'S APPLESAUCE waiting for us.  I inhaled that shit, you have no idea.  So amazing. <33  Noodles were nuked and devoured and then we went to fucking sleep, because omfg long day was long and tiring.  :B

We got up at 11 today.  Because goddammit I needed some sleep.  And we missed the train by like five minutes because we weren't quiiite ready yet.  Yeah you heard that right, I was late.  D:>   Never late.  Damn you Harvey and your obnoxious burnt face.  But we did get there eventually, and we met up with mostly everyone we wanted to meet up with.  [ profile] aikei_chan  was adorable.  Even though I hate douchey fishmen.  ILU. <33

OH. Best ever:  We were walking into the dealer's room and this guy goes "Another zombie costume???"

...Okay we're at COMIC CON.  Seriously?  I bet he was one of those people who were like OMFG BATMAN I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN OMG OMG and like... Didn't know what was going on.  So funny.  Oh god.  Not as much mauling with pictures, which was nice.  But it was really crowded so I couldn't look around really anyway.  :B  It's funny though, I think I'm better off buying comics at the small comic shows around here, the people there are so nice and the deals are better.  

And just because I have to say it,  CON NEEDED MOAR WOW.  I like shat my pants because I was just standing there and I hear "*epic music* ARTHASSSSSS".  Shat my pants for reals.  THEY HAD REALLY NICE FIGURES THOUGH.  Ghouls and Succubi and FUCKING MURLOCS.  Oh my fuck.  <33333  *couhgs*

Yeah.  We left the dealer's room because we wanted to meet up with our peeps again, and I ended up taking pictures with [ profile] blind_mag and taking pictures FOR Roxy.  Fun times.  :D Hahah and then we were all tired and it was like 8 and we needed to go home.  So Roxy and I  walked back to Penn (which I seriously just mistyped as "Peen".  I am tired)

Highlights of the ride home include me managing to somehow peel my makeup off without taking my face with it, holding the "scalp" on the poster, and Roxy and I forgetting the word "laxative".  Oh dear.

We got back to his house, had more awesome Roxymommy food, and then sat around in the living room trying to open my damn flash drive.  We failed.  Lol and then oh hay it was 11 and I needed to get my ass home now.  My parents are so considerate of my 90 bags, my dad was parked in my spot.  In the driveway.  Where he NEVER parks.  :|  Ugh.  Worst walk to the house ever.

And now here I am, finally clean and typing all this shit up when I should be sleeping.  :Bb

I shall post pictures and all the things that were awesome that I'm forgetting sometime eventually.
Tiirrred I don't wanna type anymore.  :B

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So I'm flying to UC, I have time to make an update.

Been to all of my classes except one, abnormal psych, because it's on Mondays only.  Theories of Personality is looking like it's gonna be pretty interesting, I read what I needed to read (Freud lol) and it was actually not boring (!) so that's pretty awesome.
Totally did all of my work, so now I can just chill tomorrow and play WoW and see Mall Cop with my mom and 85 year old aunt. :D 

OH.  And the Joker figure my mom pre-ordered for me for my birthday FINALLY came in. <3  It's not the Hot Toys one, because I really don't like it, it's the DC direct one and I love him. >w<  So pretty and creepy.

Aaaand I got the fucking expansion.  So currently cruising around on my crazy fast screaming horse.  Male Undead DK ftw, he's so sexy. ;D

...All of the male characters in WoW have the hottest voices, it's a little awkward, actually.  But whatever, I love him. :B  So fun.... With the exception of one quest, that quest sucked ass.  :B

My back huuuurts.  And it's so late... But I wanna play.  D:> 

Cosplay-wise...  I got my wig for Tony, fixed it up a little bit... Still don't have a really good suit though.  DX I found a PERFECT three piece blue pinstripe suit at salvation army.... But it was too damn big.  Ugh.

...My eyebrow is itchy.
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So a lot has happened since my last entry... But I can't remember all of it. :B so highlights:

[ profile] kaiumi is amazing.  Seriously, go love on him for being awesome. <3
[ profile] aikei_chan 's was fun.  :>  Hanging around watching shit is fun, she's fun.  It was fun. :>
I got a jacket (well, a hoodie, really) that's actually mad warm.  Because it's a dude's hoodie and they're actually made to be warm, not look cute.
I need to get my ass in gear on my wig, because I need to know by Tuesday if I'm gonna be able to use it for the con.  Because if I can't, I'll wait on dyeing my hair until right before the con.  If I can, I get to not look like shit when school starts.
I'm considering majoring in English instead of art, and becoming a teacher.  Weird, right?  Padfoot is awesome and we have awesome convos at wendy's.
"Deadbeat McGee" is the funniest thing ever.
I fucking love WoW.  And I'm planning on enjoying the rest of my break playing it and being totally unproductive. :B  

...And that's pretty much my entry.  XD 
I might add more stuff that I've forgotten, but maybe not.


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