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Holy shit patch tomorrow.  I don't know if I'm excited or worried about this.

Oh dear.

(And on a real life note:  I printed about a hundred pages of info for the term paper while at the school today.  REVENGE.  I'll waste their ink, not mine. :B )
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I love how horribly slow the computers at this school are.

<--- At RV, sick, wanna go home.  This is my update.  D:< 
I should be reading Beloved still, but the last part hurt my brain so that's a definite no.  I hate reading things that people claim are literary masterpieces, it just bugs me.  Really?  It's not uber deep and amazing, it just makes no fucking sense.  I love reading, but I can't stand it when people are like READ THIS IT'S SO GOOD and it seems (to me) like a bunch of random phrases stuck together.  It's like drawing a dot on a canvas and calling it amazing art, that shit just doesn't fly with me.  D:<

Yeah.  So that's my rant for the day.  I wanna go home and fucking sleep but I have a three hour class to get through.  :< So tired.... I'm an idiot and forgot to turn off my alarm from yesterday morning so it woke my ass up at like 9AM and I wanted to kill myself.  D:

My throat hurts.   D: I just wanna chill and play WoW.  Or maybe draw, or both.
I should have hauled my laptop to class today, ugh.
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So I'm flying to UC, I have time to make an update.

Been to all of my classes except one, abnormal psych, because it's on Mondays only.  Theories of Personality is looking like it's gonna be pretty interesting, I read what I needed to read (Freud lol) and it was actually not boring (!) so that's pretty awesome.
Totally did all of my work, so now I can just chill tomorrow and play WoW and see Mall Cop with my mom and 85 year old aunt. :D 

OH.  And the Joker figure my mom pre-ordered for me for my birthday FINALLY came in. <3  It's not the Hot Toys one, because I really don't like it, it's the DC direct one and I love him. >w<  So pretty and creepy.

Aaaand I got the fucking expansion.  So currently cruising around on my crazy fast screaming horse.  Male Undead DK ftw, he's so sexy. ;D

...All of the male characters in WoW have the hottest voices, it's a little awkward, actually.  But whatever, I love him. :B  So fun.... With the exception of one quest, that quest sucked ass.  :B

My back huuuurts.  And it's so late... But I wanna play.  D:> 

Cosplay-wise...  I got my wig for Tony, fixed it up a little bit... Still don't have a really good suit though.  DX I found a PERFECT three piece blue pinstripe suit at salvation army.... But it was too damn big.  Ugh.

...My eyebrow is itchy.


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