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 Things to do when you're sick and trying to recover:
- Sleep for seven years
- Beat up a phantom
- Hunt the fuckin' Poe
- Climb up a volcano

Things not to do when you're sick and trying to recover:
- Go to a pool/drinking party with a strict prescription of No Fun Whatsoever
- Stay at said party longer than you really should have because of guilt
- Work with the catering company and further bust your ankle 
- Overexert yourself for money

This has been a PSA brought to you by my week.
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I love how horribly slow the computers at this school are.

<--- At RV, sick, wanna go home.  This is my update.  D:< 
I should be reading Beloved still, but the last part hurt my brain so that's a definite no.  I hate reading things that people claim are literary masterpieces, it just bugs me.  Really?  It's not uber deep and amazing, it just makes no fucking sense.  I love reading, but I can't stand it when people are like READ THIS IT'S SO GOOD and it seems (to me) like a bunch of random phrases stuck together.  It's like drawing a dot on a canvas and calling it amazing art, that shit just doesn't fly with me.  D:<

Yeah.  So that's my rant for the day.  I wanna go home and fucking sleep but I have a three hour class to get through.  :< So tired.... I'm an idiot and forgot to turn off my alarm from yesterday morning so it woke my ass up at like 9AM and I wanted to kill myself.  D:

My throat hurts.   D: I just wanna chill and play WoW.  Or maybe draw, or both.
I should have hauled my laptop to class today, ugh.


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