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I have determined, after watching the new snake go about his business, that Orion doesn't suit him at all.

So henceforth he shall be REGULUS.  I never do that, but it was just so unfitting and it was driving me insane.  So yes.  New snake = Regulus.
I wish I knew how to do the big scrolling blinky text, but alas I do not.

In other news...  My Gdor tie and shirt came today!  :D So naturally I had to throw everything on and nerd it up.  The only thing I didn't do was the stubble and the tattoo.  8'D;;  'Cause my skin's doing pretty well right now and gluing pepper to my chin seems like a baaaad idea. 
pics or it didn't happen. )

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This just keeps getting better and better!

I fucking hate tuesdays..

I guess since I can't play, I'll spam you all with pictures from WoW that I thought were funny.  Or awesome.
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Ugh.  So last night I had some really fucked up dreams...  The only part  I remember was when I poked my tooth because it was sore, and then it started bleeding and all of my front teeth broke off.  And my mom was yelling at me because I was freaking out.  

I woke up like 50 times in the middle of the night, which is really weird because I know I took the Ambien.  So, in case anyone was wondering, Amp overpowers sleep aids.  It's just that strong.

And then I woke up around ten and one of my eyes was all misty, so I had to get up and clean it out.  Massive eye globs and crusted eye globs on my lower eyelashes.  TMI plz..  I must have rubbed something in it last night in the car when I was rubbing everything and anything on my eyes to get the tears away so  I could distinguish cars instead of light blurs.

So now here I am, up early AGAIN , and this time because I can't get back to sleep.

I really hope I have fun after class today..  And that class itself isn't too awful.  D:
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Awesome day.

So I had a panic attack in the car today coming home from school.  I had to pull over and was like hyperventilating trying to get back onto the road and no one would let me in.  Terrifying.

And while eating my awesome stale bagel (since they have like no food left at the school after 4:30 apparently) a piece of the filling thing on my chipped tooth broke off so now it's really sharp and cuts my lip.  Sweet.  I felt like such a huge loser sitting eating dinner alone at the school, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

Oh, and my doctor didn't give me another prescription and I won't have enough to last me a month, I'm a week short.  
AND my skin is looking less than awesome this week, which blows because if it's this bad already it's gonna be terrible for NYCC.  Just what I need.

Got my syllabus for Abnormal Psych, my teacher seemed like a HUGE bitch.  So I dropped it and picked up Women and Gender Studies, which should be helpful considering my current gender identity crisis.  Seriously, the Abnormal Psych teacher had that we can't laugh in class in the syllabus.  I think not, fuck that shit.

My meds failed me, I felt like shit all day....   I hope tomorrow is better...  I think I'm going to New Hope with Roxy after class, so that should be fun..

And right now, I'm WoWing.  And by WoWing I mean dicking around on my dk and being totally unproductive.  I did all my homework and had a shitty day, it's allowed.


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