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Going through my screencap folder. I really really REALLY like this one.
I dunno, I just really like how it came out. )
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So a lot has happened since my last entry... But I can't remember all of it. :B so highlights:

[ profile] kaiumi is amazing.  Seriously, go love on him for being awesome. <3
[ profile] aikei_chan 's was fun.  :>  Hanging around watching shit is fun, she's fun.  It was fun. :>
I got a jacket (well, a hoodie, really) that's actually mad warm.  Because it's a dude's hoodie and they're actually made to be warm, not look cute.
I need to get my ass in gear on my wig, because I need to know by Tuesday if I'm gonna be able to use it for the con.  Because if I can't, I'll wait on dyeing my hair until right before the con.  If I can, I get to not look like shit when school starts.
I'm considering majoring in English instead of art, and becoming a teacher.  Weird, right?  Padfoot is awesome and we have awesome convos at wendy's.
"Deadbeat McGee" is the funniest thing ever.
I fucking love WoW.  And I'm planning on enjoying the rest of my break playing it and being totally unproductive. :B  

...And that's pretty much my entry.  XD 
I might add more stuff that I've forgotten, but maybe not.


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