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So since I've been too sick and lazy to draw real art for a few days, I decided to scan/colour/etc some doodles from my notes.  Most of them aren't cleaned up because I'm a lazy SOB and it's too much work, but some of them are. 

a few. )
On a more ridiculous note, I'm playing Pokemon Yellow right now. Super old school. WIN. Rofl my trainer's name is DomCobb, and rival is "Fischer". So far I have an Arthur (Pikachu), an Ariadne (Nidoran F, will be Nidoqueen eventually, a Yusuf (Clefable) and a Saito (Abra). EAMES IS GOING TO BE A DITTO. YOU GO, DITTO. I'm thinking of getting a Jigglypuff to name Robert, but meh. I also have a Phillipa but I can't remember which one she was. Fuck. Hurhur gotta get some flying type and name it "$Airline" or some shit. I am so cool guys, so, so cool. I fucking love Inception and I fucking love Pokemon.

AND BECAUSE I WAS JUST ON WOW: Holy fuck that event was so amazing. I love big epic shit like that. Omg, so cool. They picked the hottest voices ever. I (and most of my toons) usually want nothing to do with Trolls, but fuuuck, that was awesome. I CANNOT WAIT FOR CATACLYSM OMFG.

Aaaand on a lame note, still sick. Fff. But I'm going to bed as soon as I post this shit so hopefully I'll get lots of nice recuperative sleep and not feel like asshole next week when I have three tests and three birthday parties in a row. /8'D
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So funny story time.
Remember how I said I got ganked by this really pro hunter last night?
And that one of the people I was with reported their pet's name "vaginainject"? 

Yeah they rolled a hordie on this server and PM'd me going "u fail."

Someone's a sore loser at rl.  Oh man that made my day.  "Gawwd" is super awesome guys.  Oh god.  *cries*  So funny.  
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:D I got TWO epics today.  It was a good WoW day.

Finally made it to exalted with Ebon Blade (<3) and got some nice boots... And I finally did the rest of the awesome daddy quest.  <3  Hurhur I took some screens while running around on the "vehicle".

Aaaand I made a fuckton of money doing all of those quests...  So I bought some stuff and, long story short, now have a titansteel destroyer.  Not very awesome, I know, but it's the best I can get without doing heroics.  :D So I love it.  I gotta get up early to do dailies tomorrow so I can pay the guy that made it for me back.  

:B And of course a WoW day isn't complete without being ganked and camped.  But I was chillin with Sokar and our new friend so it was all good.  We're gonna try to report the name of her pet.  If you're gonna have a pet named "vaginainject"... Don't go around camping.  Ur gunna get reported.

So I am broke again.  But again, good WoW day.  Didn't really do much else.  Going to my little cousin's volleyball game tomorrow, which should be fun.  I miss her. D: 

My head hurts.  Off with meee.


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