Apr. 16th, 2011

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 The world is clearly coming to an end.

Title: Feels Good, Man
Rating: R for drug use
Word Count: 864
Characters/Pairings: 2014!Cas with a side of Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: 5.04. Drug use.
Summary: And then Dean is talking and Cas doesn’t understand, can’t think through the pain. He catches concussion and broken and goddammit, Cas, and decides that’s all that’s important anyway.
Comments: Okay so. Bear with my headcanon, which is that Dean smokes pot every once in a while (he picked it up from John), just not around Sam because Sam thinks it smells like ass. It’s kind of implied that he’s done stuff before, so I’m running with that. I also feel like pretty much everyone at Camp Chitaqua is hitting something some time, so… Also I have no idea if there are drugs that do all of this shit.  Pretend it was something real cut with something else that's real.  Or something.  And typos and shiz are my bad.  8'D
ALSO DON’T SHUN MEEE I haven't written fic since '08.

under the cut there are words. that i wrote. WUT IZ HAPPENING? )


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